About KES Machine

KES Machine Tools has been leading the field of CNC repair, CNC retrofits and laser calibration since the year 2000. We have decades of combined experience as both end-users and service technicians, and we have what it takes to help your business produce in-tolerance parts quickly and consistently.

We know that it’s possible for you to do everything right, and still end up with a part that’s out of tolerance. When that happens, the cause of the problem might your CNC machine tool. Backlash, lack of repeatability, positioning, and geometry errors are just some of the reasons your machine might be producing parts out-of-tolerance.

Using our Renishaw Laser Interferometer Systems, KES can analyze your CNC machine on-site, and, in most cases, diagnose your production problems on the first visit. In some cases, we can even correct the problem on the spot, and get your machine running smoothly again the same day. It’s this level of dedication has led us to become uniquely capable in every aspect of laser calibration service. All of our experts have extensive training, years of experience, and- best of all- a unique value that they bring to our clients, and to KES Machine.


Learn More About the Services We Offer

  • Servo Motor Testing
  • Machine Safety Training
  • Machine Service + Repair
  • Machine Laser Calibration