Machine Laser Calibration

KES understands that, as more companies implement strict quality assurance standards and predictive maintenance (PDM) programs, ensuring that your CNC machines are within tolerance has become absolutely essential to your business. That makes precision laser calibration a must for your machines.

The Renishaw Laser Interferometer System calibration system we use at KES utilizes a stabilized laser with linear accuracy that is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable, with a resolution in the 0.0001″ (or, “microinch”) range. That level of precision is achieved by measuring slight differences in the wavelength of the laser using electro-optics, optical heterodyne techniques, and phase-demodulators as the beam passes through windows and mirrors set in its path. Basically, the calibration system reflects a modulated laser beam off of a target (usually a movable mirror). The beam is then directed to a sensor, and its displacement information is processed by our software. That information is then used to determine the overall accuracy of the CNC servo loop.


Renishaw XR20-W Rotary Axis Calibrator

As you can see, it’s an incredibly precise system, and an effective way to resolve machining issues and ensure that you are producing in-tolerance parts, every time. In many cases we’ve been able to correct the problem on the spot and have your machine back up the same day. That minimized downtime is just one of the many benefits of KES’ 20 years of experience with CNC machine laser calibration.


    KES Machine LLC operates as a “Type C” laboratory. The laboratory provides calibration/testing services to external parties/customers. The laboratory is an independent function of KES Machine LLC. The responsibilities of key personnel in the organization, that have an involvement or influence on the calibration/testing activities of the laboratory, are clearly defined to prevent any potential conflict of interest.

    To this end, any conflict of interest is prevented by applying a mutually exclusive condition to each and every project. Management personnel that are involved in or responsible for the design or manufacturing of KES Machine LLC products/services are not permitted to participate in laboratory activities and vice versa.