PLC + PMC Software

The CNC technicians at KES Machine always are ready to help diagnose, repair, and calibrate your machines have trouble- but KES can do more for your productivity. We can help you get the most out of your machines when they’re running great, too.

Our software experts can help you the set up instruction lists (IL), structure texts (ST), ladder logic diagrams (LD), sequential flow controls, and function block diagrams you need to minimize the time and cost of delivering a large quantity of products and developing new prototypes and proofs, as well. Whether it’s a stand-alone installation or complex machine control, KES’ logic and motion control programmers have the education, training, and experience to contribute to your company’s bottom line.

To contact KES Machine and learn more about how to put our developers’ expertise to work for you, call (860) 612-1718, or fill out the contact form to the right of your screen. We are always ready to answer your questions.